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Yoga Teacher Training Course

We are a typical school for yoga teacher training. There is a group of competent instructors who received their degrees in philosophy, yoga, and asanas directly from India. Our Anatomy Yoga instructors can smoothly combine contemporary medical knowledge with age-old Indian and Chinese cures. As a result, we create yoga instructors who are exceptional and strong in their instruction and understanding.


The course can be completed in about 30 days. It is a thorough, methodical investigation. Students must have the availability to attend classes six days a week, from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. In the afternoon and evening, take a late philosophy session and learn how to maximize your potential as a teacher.

Regular yoga teacher course

Up to the course's conclusion, there will be a total of around 6 months of study. By altering the practice and review time to the student's convenience, it offers flexible study. Students are not required to quit their day jobs. because they can utilize their own holidays to attend classes, log hours, and continuously acquire new material The requirements and disciplines covered, however, are identical to those of a full-time program.

Multi style course

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