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RYS school host


Wiroonphan Uaroon

Earthy Profile

Since 2010, he has been attending a basic yoga class to relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain (office syndromes) and has been interested in learning more and deeper yoga. Along with the need to change the way of life from working in multinationals where he had to travel a lot and spend time in an air-conditioned room with documents all day to a simple but healthy life close to his family, he realised his mind. Until 2015, He finished YIN yoga from Lek Kittikunadul and travelled to study Traditional yoga seriously in Mysore, India 


His teaching style is very unique. He teaches yoga gestures to combine philosophy, compare concepts, and refer to physiology perfectly. His style can inspire many people to practice yoga with accuracy, balance, and power. He can teach Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin yoga, and Props yoga, all of which are based on his direct experience of travelling to train with teachers and philosophers in that field.

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