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08:45-09:45AM  Ayurvedic Slow Flow Yoga

"Move slowly to balance holistic dosha with basic postures that align with Ayurvedic principles, respect the body's needs and draw on the potential of Ayurvedic and Yoga to build stable strength."

10:00-11:30AM  Slow flow with Earthy

"Proceed at a leisurely pace, concentrating on maintaining a uniform posture while extending the body"



08:45-09:45AM  Unwind and Release yoga (Yin Inspired)

"With the use of powerful in gentle way of asanas and breathing exercises to reduce mental stress, you can achieve inner calm. able to lessen anxiety Gain flexibility and establish a strong connection with your inner self."

10:00-11:30AM  Stabilised in Alignment with Chair by Earthy

"Utilise and emphasise the correctness of asanas and physiology using Chair and equipment of modify the body in accordance with the principles of yoga therapy"



08:45-09:45AM  Ayurvedic Vinyasa Yoga : Flow with Balance

"the distinctive energy flow and dynamic equilibrium of Vinyasa yoga from Ayurveda. Constant fluid motion maintains the doshas in balance. aids in the body's waste elimination process, sweating, which helps the body get rid of pollutants."

10:00-11:30AM  Vinyasa yoga flow for all by Earthy

"The tristhana, or three-lelement, yoga pose uses muscle locking, eye attention, and prana to stabilise and strengthen each pose"



08:45-09:45AM  Foundation Chair Yoga : Steady and Supported

"Enjoy the benefits of yoga while doing asanas from the comfort of a chair that will help you get stronger. Adhering to the principles of optimal health, the asanas are modified to ensure safety and ease of access, thereby reaping the advantages of each and every yoga pose."

10:00-11:30AM  Back bending & pelvic floor with Chair by Earthy

"Maintaining pelvic health and balance, as well as for the development of the mind's ability to move and think clearly"



08:45-09:45AM  Yoga Asanas Focus with Props

"Concentrating on postures that are doable and enjoyable for all levels of experience, particularly for those who are new to yoga or those who are exploring fundamental positions with standardised equipment."

10:00-11:30AM  Yin yoga inspired to Stretching

"Use the basic Yin yoga poses to lengthen the connective tissue and bring the mind into balance through breath and focused attention during the pauses and breaks between the poses"



10:00-11:30AM  Top Up Chair yoga for Intermediate level*

"Use a chair yoga to extend your yoga practice while achieving more advanced poses and skills. Only for seasoned yoga practitioners"

Practice fee :
350 Baht for a single class, or 3,000 Baht for membership card good for ten times using with 90 days periodicity.

*Paying 50 Baht is required for any Top up lession
>>Reservations by using the following all social media
at least 12 hours in advance.

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